1 / having or showing the qualities that deserve the specified action or regard.
2 / having worth or value
3 / honorable, meritorious
4 / having sufficient worth or importance

According to us

You have worth and value, you are honorable and important, you have qualities that are deserving of regard. in and of yourself. Not because of your background or education, race or gender, awards or accomplishments, wealth or nobility, not because of your crown, your jewels, your beauty, or your booty.

...just, inherently, innately, inimitably because of you. Who you are, exactly as you are. That is your worth.

According to the Dictionary

Everything you want to be is already within you.
It’s all about how you see it. (Your eyes).
The power to own or change that lies in your head.
Whatever you want to create is already in your hands.
Wherever you want to go, your feet will take you there.

Become an influential and respected brand in the
self-improvement / coaching sphere, known for its
strikingly fresh and unique branding, graphics, voice, and
approach to enabling people to be the best version of
themselves, and fulfillment and achieve their highest
ambitions and potential.

To enable, empower, and inspire people to believe in
themselves by giving them simple, captivating, and
memorable tools to do so.








When we talk about learning to recognize your worth and owning it, we are not talking about changing you...but changing the way you see you, about shining your perspective. We are also talking about your narrative - the stories both to and about yourself - and giving you the tools to control and change them.

Our Core Values

Everything we do to enable and empower you to recognize and live up to your worthiness stems from the fundamental idea that your worth, and your potential and power to accomplish whatever you want, lies within you. It does not come from external factors, accolades, or accoutrements. Our message is simple, you are your best thing.


We rarely have trouble believing in people or things that we cannot see - consider the prevalence of religious and spiritual practices alone, the millions of people who subscribe to them, and the rich plethora of rituals and practices that they offer. Our work is to teach you to have faith in you. To rely on you. To pray for you. And then to manifest all that you can be, but in actual fact already are.


In this workshop I’ll help you understand…
  • How to identify the deep coding and beliefs you may be holding that are stopping you from the abundance you deserve
  • How to reprogram your beliefs and mindset around money
  • How to create a new level of trust with yourself on your way to creating limitless abundance
  • You’re ready to embrace a new story of unlimited abundance in your life 

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Next Level of Abundance


  •  Day 1: What is Self-Love?
  •  Day 2: The Power of Your Thoughts
  •  Day 3: Self-Forgiveness
  •  Day 4: Self-Compassion
  •  Day 5: Goals & Aspirations
  •  Day 6: Gratitude
  •  Day 7: The Power of Receiving

7 Days Of Reflections, Affirmation & Meditations

Worthy of self love

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In this Masterclass, I will take you through the exact tools and techniques I used to eliminate imposter syndrome.

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Are you ready to press the reset button so you can say goodbye to imposter syndrome? Are you ready to finally feel worthy of being, doing and having the life of your dreams?

If you’re ready to feel confident, worthy, and to finally make the impact in the world that you know you can, I invite you to join me! 

In this Masterclass, I will take you through the exact tools and techniques I used to eliminate imposter syndrome.


Sandra Chuma


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