Today, I want to share something that happened in my community. A few months ago, I ran a free five day workshop which was called the Goal Getter Workshop. The whole objective of that workshop was to help people understand why change is so hard. 

At the end of the five days, I said to the community, “Hey, I’d love a testimonial from each one of you, for you to share your experience in this workshop that I’ve been running for these last five days. I’d love for you to record a video testimonial sharing some of your key takeaways and what you liked about the five days or what you didn’t like about the five days.”

I didn’t really give specific instructions. It could have recorded 30 minutes or 30 seconds if they wanted to. There were 500 people who were signed up for this workshop, and they were an active group. They were very engaged. For each one of the five days, there were at least 100 people attending live when I did the workshop, and then hundreds more who watched the replays. I thought that with a group this size, there would be a lot of submissions because everyone said how transformational the five days had been for them. 

Do you want to know how many people submitted videos?

Six. Out of this whole group of 500 people who had been through the experience, six people submitted a video. 

Now there were some people who wrote in and said, “I don’t really like video,” or, “I don’t know how to do it,” and all the excuses.

What I ended up doing with those six out of 500 people who submitted, is that I ended up giving all of them a prize of some sort. Two of them won an annual subscription to the membership, which is worth over $2,000, and then the rest of them one received three months free in the membership, which is over $150 plus all of the extra bonuses that they get when they’re in the membership. 

Six people. And I share this with you to tell you that sometimes the people who win, the people who achieve big things, are not the smartest people in the room. They are not the ones who have the best ideas. They are not the ones who are better than anybody else. They are just the people who consistently showed up

Growing up one of the things my father used to say to me was, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” So my question to this group was, “Where else in your life are you not showing up?” 

We all talk a big game. We all talk about how I want to change my life and this year is going to be my year. Next week is going to be different. Next month is going to be different. And yet we end up exactly the same. We do the same thing over and over. It’s because we are afraid to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. 

I know for the people who didn’t submit a video, it was because it was uncomfortable. They were afraid either because they don’t know how to use technology, or afraid of being judged. They were thinking, “I look stupid on video, what if I mess it up? What if they don’t like it?” and so they left themselves out of the opportunity of a prize, which was valued at more than $2,000.

Now, this is a micro of the macro, because I bet a lot of those people who didn’t submit anything, that’s how they’re going through life. How you do anything, is how you do everything, right? They talk themselves out of showing up, out of creating their best life, because they’re just afraid to show up. They’re afraid to try. 

I’ll tell you that of those six videos, some of them were great. Some of them, quite frankly, were not that great. Those were actually the people that had pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. Even though they didn’t have the best lighting, even though they didn’t know what they’re doing and weren’t facing the camera, they tried. They showed up for themselves. 

So I want to turn that question to you. Where in your life are you just not showing up for yourself? Where in your life are you playing small? Where in your life are you not submitting the video because you think maybe it won’t be good enough? And where are other people who might be less skilled, less talented, less proficient? Where are they beating you in life, just because they showed up? 

I want to challenge you to think about this: Where am I not showing up? What can I do to show up for myself? What can I do to put myself in a position that might be a little bit uncomfortable, but that might move me closer towards my goals? Show up for yourself. Commit to showing up for yourself.

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