Raise your hand if you dread Mondays. 

For a long time, I was one of those people. I would always feel like I was on the backfoot. On Mondays, I was always scrambling. I was always behind. It was also just really hard to get going and motivated after the weekend, especially if it had been a long weekend. 

I started to think, what could I do to make my Monday experience better?

Here are five things that I wanted to share with you, five ‘rituals’ that I have implemented for myself, that have made my Mondays better — so much better that I actually look forward to Mondays now.

1. Schedule

Have a plan. Prepare beforehand, don’t wait for Monday to happen. It is all about starting the week with a plan, starting the week with intention. 

For me, I really start my Monday on Friday. Here’s what I mean by that. Fridays tend to be a low opportunity cost time for spending time planning. Usually on Friday afternoons, especially when it’s summer and the weather’s nice, most people have already checked out by Friday. It’s typically a time when it’s not that busy, you don’t really have a lot of meetings or appointments, so you can use that time to do a couple of things: 

  • Reflect on the week that just went by to see what went well, what didn’t go well, and what needs to be different going into the new week. 
  • Plan for the following week. I found that planning on a Friday helps me enjoy the weekend because I know that I have already planned for Monday. I already know what’s happening the following week, so I don’t have that pressure over the weekend.

Be intentional about how you go into the week, and it even would be great to set an intention. What is your intention for that week?

One of the pillars of the WORTHY method is all about Owning the Day. I talked about the fact that so many of us have great intentions, but we’re not intentional. This is the first step to being intentional — coming into the week with a plan. 

2. Meal Preparation

Prepare your meals for the week. It might sometimes be as simple as thinking ahead on what groceries to be picked up, or what I need to get in the house over the weekend. For me, the question that drives me absolutely insane in my house is “What’s for lunch? What’s for supper?” Prepare your meals, even if it’s just on paper, you mentally have created that space to know so that you’re not scrambling.

One thing I had learned from my mentor, BJ Fogg, in his book Tiny Habits, he talks about what he calls his super fridge. What that is for me is I pick up a whole bunch of veggies, and I spend some time in my kitchen preparing veggies. I cut them up, put them into lunchboxes, making it easier for us to just grab and go throughout the day. Because one of the things that I found too, was that when I don’t have fruits and veggies cut up and prepared, they end up rotting in the fridge, because nobody can be bothered to cut them up. 

We tend to grab the things that are most convenient. Typically, that’s not great because the most convenient could be junk food. 

When I find that I have prepared what to eat, I tend to eat healthier.

3. Tidy up

Create a nice environment for the week. I know this seems like a small thing, but it really creates a different energy when you start your week from a place where everything is tidy. In fact, I have actually made it a point that at least in my office, I make sure that at the end of every day, I tidy up my office. This gives me this sense of accomplishment and it creates a really nice environment for me to come into on Monday. So make sure to tidy up your office and workspace. Make sure to tidy up the house as well.

Something else that I learned again from my mentor BJ Fogg is that oftentimes the reason we don’t tidy up is because it just feels so overwhelming. So an easy thing that you can do is actually set a timer. Say for a family, as a household, set a time to tidy up for 30 minutes, and make it fun. Put on some good music, create fun games and challenges. The person who finishes their room first gets a prize — those kinds of things to gamify it, make tidying up fun. 

4. Create a space for self-care

 Take care of your mind, body, and spirit

One of the things that I found coming into Mondays is that I was often just exhausted. I would use the weekend to do all kinds of things and come into the week feeling exhausted, not feeling like I had taken any time to take care of myself. 

We need to be intentional on our weekends, creating a space and a time for self care — for you to feed your mind, take care of your body and spirit. 

Now, self-care looks different for everybody. It is whatever works for you — whatever will lead to you feeling nourished, feeling cared for, feeling like you’ve given yourself some attention. 

5. Sleep

Create a sleep ritual for yourself on Sunday, so then you come into Monday feeling refreshed. Make sure you go to bed on time. Maybe take a bubble bath before you go to bed, or a really nice long shower, using some of those nice scented lotions that you have. Create a really inviting atmosphere for your sleep on Sunday to have a good night’s sleep so you truly feel rested coming into Monday. 

So those are the five habits that I have implemented that have really helped me create better Mondays for myself. Remember, you are worthy to be, to do, to have whatever it is your heart desires.


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